Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I find myself in a place of admiration (and a teeny bit of envy) to all those wonderful designers, decorators and entrepreneurs who make their lives all about beautiful things, using their talents to create a world where their art and passions work in harmony to offer the best of what they have.  I have yet to get there and I know this now.

My love of anything beautiful really transcends aesthetics and trends alone. I love the way a beautiful environment, things, places, foods make people feel.  I promise you, I will create a business helping people find that wonderful feeling from their environment and what they do, how they live, everyday. I'm almost there.

Until then, I would like to send kudos to some of the many blogs and bloggers who have inspired me....and for this I thank you :). 

Of course, there are tons on the right side of my blog that you would enjoy perusing!

Have a fabulous one!

Pink and Sparkles,


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