Saturday, December 4, 2010

Run, Run, Rudolph

I laced up today to go for one of my every-other-day run (or speed walk, whatever) and I was pleasantly surprised! I totally forgot it was our town's annual Christmas parade.  I took the camera because I wanted you all to see my run route because it is beautiful....and thank goodness I did! What a fluke.  Schomberg's "A Main Street Christmas" is a true community staple.  Check out the rest of the events here.

Me starting my run!

And I see something uncommon down the street...

Historic fire trucks!

And floats around the corner...

As if the Grinch would give high-fives!

Sheena's lemon cake ever:)

Everyone on Main Street decorates for the season...

Saint Patrick Church down the street from us :)

Much love,
Pink and Sparkles


  1. Just came across your cute blog! Lovin' the small town parade.



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