Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our house...renovated

I've been wanting to blog about our renovation for quite some time now...and I finally have the chance to do it ( is quite clean and I have time to take pictures of it).

We purchased the house in 2008 and renovated for a while. I have a few pictures, of the old look and now that I've been browsing, I wish I took more to really give you an idea of how much we did.  My husband, did most of the demolition and building on his own - he had help of amazing friends and skilled trades people who rebuilt the entire frame of the house, tiles, kitchen, painting etc. I take all the decorating credit ;)

We are so grateful and blessed to have the house at the point it is - still so many "little" things to do though. Its a process, I've definitely learned.

I'll show you the inside today then blog about the basement and outside another time.


Kitchen before (with David in it)

Kitchen after: basically, the fridge now takes up the old kitchen area and we turned the "third bedroom (picture above) into the main kitchen area

Family room before:

Family room after: no explanation needed.

Bedroom before:

Bedroom after:

Den before:

Den after:

 Bathroom before:

Bathroom after:

Outside and basement coming soon!
Till next time,
Pink and Sparkles

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