Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First post

So, I started a blog about six years ago and lost my interest -- school and other items on my forever "to-do-list" always took priority.

I realize now how I loved to blog --so much better than the overbearing, invasive Facebook or MySpace has over my personal life.
The purpose of this blog will be to highlight everything about, well, "life"! And because this is a site about life...It will reflect some of the current stages in MY life.
So, I'm getting married May 9th of this year (oh dear, so close). For the last year and three months, I have been inundated with wedding planning, wedding researching, wedding decisions, wedding politics wedding tears, wedding stress, wedding joy, wedding love, wedding shoes, dress, bridesmaids, parties, showers and so on! Look forward to all things wedding.
Other than that....I have a few other things up my "life" sleeve. You can expect tips on better living, healthy lifestyles and even how you can make your life quite frankly, prettier.

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