Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson WAS sparkles

As my tribute to the King of Pop, I will highlight what reminded me of Michael Jackson:

The Sparkly Glove:

The "Bad" Jacket, all the video's dance moves and every time I walk into an underground parking lot:

The entire "Thriller" album and break dancing with my brother upstairs at our old house. Also, how gross we thought his wrist looked on the inside of the record cover (where he is holding the tiger). We thought he was the greatest thing alive:

There are so many other memories - too many to list here. Michael J. was a part of my childhood as he was to many of us. As a child, his stardom struck me as he provided my brother and I with many fun-filled "break dancing" memories. As a dancer, I looked up to his moves and rhythm. As a teenager his "Dangerous" album really was the first to teach me how our world is deteriorating - humanistically and environmentally - while, at the same time, sang songs of how beautiful the world is and humans are.
Thank you Michael for giving us the greatest art, softest voice, sparkly-est clothes and wondrous moves that will last forever and ever. We are lucky to have lived with him.


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