Friday, January 11, 2013

Get Our %*#@ Together

OK, its time for some organization. Things were cool being on-the-fly when it was just me and hubby, but add a 15 month old into the mix and there is some need for structure..which is what I do best. I LIVE for organization and planning and love finding ways to make things better. I have to admit, though, I am better at this at work and I tend to get a bit overwhelmed at home. Sufficed to say, I am ecstatic to bring a little "work-type organization" into the home. Which leads me to my point.....I'll be implementing a Family Command Centre; a central area where we can post important dates and the like. Pictures explain it better than I can :)

Apparently they sell these things at Pottery Barn....Haven't decided if I'll break and buy them or make myself a little DIY project this weekend.

Ill keep you posted :)

Till next time
Pink and Sparkles,

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