Monday, January 18, 2010

Brooms and Aprons and Dusters, OH MY!

I am fully aware of the psychology behind cleaning; its a control mechanism in which, if completed successfully (or to your liking), you achieve a sense of control over your environment and life.  I am also fully aware that I enjoy this little control mechanism as its ritual repeats itself every Saturday morning - at least I know one thing is constant and completely in my hands to manage.  And to that I say, why the hell not! (Ok, ok, lets be honest, some weekends I have to hold myself back from calling Molly Maid, I swear).

But, after a cup of coffee and two slices of pumpernickel toast with peanut butter and jam, I am ready to slap on the gloves for some much needed sloughing, shining, sterilization and serenity.

One rule: the humble abode will not be cleaned with anything "humble". Oh no, I have plenty of fun things to make the Saturday morning shape-up thoroughly fabulous.  Observe:

Pretty gloves and aprons from Carolyn's Kitchen Online!

And for chasing those dust balls away: 

Awesome tea towel and duster above from Fabu-licious

If you want to know a bit more about just how to clean the proper way, use this book I bought (yes, I know mom, you taught me well but - I gotta research everything on my own xo):

You can get the book online at Chapters.

Till next time,
Pink and sparkles

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