Thursday, April 1, 2010

They're no fool :)

Happy April Fool's day!! Although I really don't get "punked" anymore (as I did in highschool), I'm still a bit weary of everyone today...never know if some co-worker might try to trick ya so, watch out.

I found these wonderful creations today on my Sweet Spot - Sweet Home daily e-letter.  Aren't they CUTE?!

Check out the recipe for these Lo Mein cupcakes!

Or how about a Big Mac(aroon) from Not So Humble Pie?

Or another hamburger with shortbread fries from Bakerella!

Craving Sushi!?  Here are some Candy Sushi bites featured on
And last, but definitely not least.....Popcorn cupcakes from Chantel Simmons, HGTV, featured on Sweetspot
I can't wait to try these at home :)

Till next time,

Pink and Sparkles

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