Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lanvin Love

I know practically everyone and their mother has blogged about Lanvin at H&M and I really wasn't going to do it....but I couldn't resist.

FIRST...A look at the original Lanvin:
The year, 1909, the lady, Jeanne Lanvin.  Working in Paris as a seamstress, the birth of her daughter in 1897 prompted her early thoughts on her entrepreneurship.  Jeanne longed to own her own dress shop and that dream became a reality in that 1909 iconic year. The muse colour of her house was none other than Lanvin Blue, specifically, Quattro-cento blue:
The love of her daughter, Marguerite, inspired her creations as it was said she worked to dazzle her daughter...and so she dazzled the world. Until her death in 1946, she worked to lead the fashion world in couture with the love of her daughter in mind.  The logo of the company reflects that love to this day:

Jeanne was one of the first fashion designers to embody the lifestyle principle. Which is why I love her so. She created not only clothes but perfumes, sportswear, home decor, and other lifestyle designs at the time. She truly reigned in the "branding" world and was one of the first to brand ones body and home by dress, design and decor. For her, fashion and art were one and she expressed that in her clothes and other designs.

Today, the house is lead by Albert Elbaz who also brought Lanvin to H&M or, as he often says, brought H&M up to Lanvin.  Here are some of my favourite pieces:

Much love,
Pink and Sparkles

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