Wednesday, June 10, 2009

moved in .... and movin' on

Full speed ahead! I'm ecstatic with the new house and my new life...its taking some adjusting but, overall...what better than to go home to your OWN house and rummage through everything that is YOURS??? Its wonderful!

We are still searchin' for a couch. Mind you, we just got back from the honeymoon (Tahiti) and really haven't had the time to search for anything lately...perhaps we'll go this weekend.

Funny what happens when you get a stop thinking about yourself (as in shopping for yourself) and you think of how you will express your style in your home and surroundings instead. I went shopping on my lunch break the other day - at Canadian Tire! - to look for a good ironing board. In the past, my lunches would have been spent trotting through Eaton's Centre in Toronto, looking for the latest accessory of the season.

Perhaps Ill go to Homesence today....I'm dying to get one of those really cool trendy ceramic stools for my home...don't know where we'll put it but, I'll figure it out.

Until next time....



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