Monday, December 20, 2010


So, a good friend of mine showed me a clip of how they attain these wonderful furs...poor animals. I wish there were alternate ways of getting these furry fashions because I do want a fur coat really bad :(
In any case, enjoy the fashion...perhaps some of these coats are faux fur!

Ill stick to my diamond comment at the end here...we all still buy diamonds which are attained in inhumane ways across the globe.  Make sure you are purchasing 'fair trade' diamonds so humans aren't 'skinned' alive either.

Next post will be less preachy, I promise!

Much love,
Pink and Sparkles


  1. lovely coats although we do prefer them to be faux. you have a nice blog and you're lucky to have a mister who cooks.;)

  2. buy vintage fur! theb you're not supporting the fur trade as such...
    Hope you have a very sexy Christmas!!

    xx Heather

  3. NikkiT: Thank you, doll!
    Heather: Great idea! I'll definitely look into that :) Sexy Christmas indeed! xo



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