Friday, May 27, 2011

Backyard Retreat

We have quite a large backyard now but might, might, might be moving within the next year so the thought of another major investment (beyond the entire house reno) is out of the question.  I do, however, have high hopes for a harmonious outdoor retreat at my next house.

Outdoor fireplace(s) are a must with an outdoor pizza oven for my husband the pizza fanatic (ok, me too).

Who need to go to a resort to have swim-up bars?

I also want a pool house like this.
Outdoor rooms are a MUST.

And maybe a space for gardens....

Ok, I got a little carried away...this is more like it.

Can't wait to show you pictures from my dream backyard one day.

Pink and Sparkles,


  1. Lovely pictures! I have a big backyard but there's nothing in it... a pool would be nice!!!



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