Friday, May 6, 2011

Yeah, so?!

Its raining today and I wore my new boots.
Public reviews are mixed: some look at me as if Im literally walking with live animals on my feet to protect me from the rain (ducks, perhaps?), others smile and literally say "those boots are so bright they brighten up the day" (thanks, young children).  Trust me, I don't care, nor do I seek out this approval but I find it hilarious that a colour activates so much human facial activity (God only knows what's going mentally).  I should note that the same thing happened when I started wearing my pink sparkly ballet flats five years ago before sparkly flats were really "in", people were in shock (the gall).

I feel that when I walk around Toronto (especially the financial district where I work) I see people in either black, gray and a darker gray. Every season, every day, its the staple colour to wear to work.  Some go outside of the lines (crazy kids), but its few and far between.

We are too afraid of colour and should take some lessons from our European friends who toy with colours a lot more for every day (even carreer) wear.

Pink and Sparkles,

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